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History of CARE Consultants

CARE Consultants, LLC is a CARF accredited for-profit human care agency committed to providing caring and compassionate counseling, training and educational programs to families, youth, returning citizens and community agencies in the Washington, D.C./Maryland Area. Our team is comprised of professionals and licensed/certified counselors, therapists, educators and facilitators. With decades of experience in their specialized fields, our team members bring that expertise to the table when helping our client base.

Reginald V. Adams, CAC-ll President, is the CEO and founder of CARE Consultants, LLC. Through his vision, CARE Consultants was established in May 7, 2001. His goal was to affect the urgent and ongoing needs of disenfranchised and troubled youth, returning citizens, and their families. Reginald’s belief is that although individual efforts are effective and impressive, when a group of professionals work together, there can be a greater impact. This core belief has enabled CARE Consultants to be unique in its approach and capacity to customize services to the needs of individual clients.

“We understand that each client is an individual with specific needs.”

Reginald V. Adams, CAC-11

Reginald V. Adams, CAC-11

President & CEO - CARE Consultants, LLC

CARE Consultant’s Mission

The mission of CARE Consultant, LLC is to compassionately empower and strengthen positive and productive values within individuals, families, returning citizens and communities by collectively addressing life challenges through intervention, prevention, education, resources and other services.

CARE Consultants addresses clients’ needs and links them to available resources that serve to enhance their quality of life and equips them with the tools they need to achieve and sustain it. CARE Consultants provides effective programs and services to support those recovering from addictions. We treat our clients with dignity and respect while helping them successfully reintegrate into society


Our philosophy is early diagnosis, prevention, intervention education, and treatment. We are driven to help our clients get the foundation, the tools, and the strength to live life to the fullest. The cycle of addiction can be broken, and a life worth living is obtainable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier agency in the community — helping chemically dependent individuals to change their lives by acquiring the tools of recovery and learning to maintain abstinence from mind-altering substances.

What Is CARF Accreditation?

We are proud to be recognized through CARF accreditation. This seal of quality signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. Click here to learn more about CARF.