I have known Reggie for twelve years and can attest to his fine personal and professional qualities. I was in need of a great leader to be our Program Director, and after months, I found the ideal candi-date in Mr. Adams.  Initially I was struck by his personable character, dedication to our mission, and his excellent ability to interact with the young adults in our program.  During his tenure with ECC he gave 200% to the organization and helped us transition to a highly regarded national organization. Mr. Ad-ams’ distinct profile and mission focused leadership is an asset to any institution he engages with.  He is talented at interacting with a wide spectrum of persons, cultures and occupations and wins respect and cooperation in all arenas.  He is a consummate team player and leader as well as an excellent coach and friend. It has been my privilege to work with Reggie and know the contributions he makes in young people’s lives have far reaching positive implications for their future.

- Mark Davis

Chief Operating Officer - The Earth Conservation Corps (ECC)

It is my pleasure to share my thoughts and experience with CARE consultants as a great family therapy service. CARE Consultants helped me and my son by providing GED/employment readiness and family counseling. It gave my son a sense of responsibility prepared him to go out in the working field. When my son had to go to court, CARE Consultants was there by his side recommending ways for him to get involved with positive activities. The recommendations worked, and the judge released him. Attend-ing family service sessions also helped tremendously and it helped me deal with anger my son had deep inside due to the absence of his father. It has been a pleasure working with CARE Consultants.

- W. Taylor

CARE Client

The tutoring your organization provided helped my grandson become an honor roll student for the entire school year. We are looking forward to a prosperous new school year. He was promoted from 7th grade to 8th grade because of the help received from CARE Consultants. Your mentoring has been an excellent service to our family. We highly recommend CARE Consultants to any child struggling with their academics.

- M. Williams

CARE Client

CARE Consultants was extremely instrumental in providing a quality of life for my 18-year old son. Diagnosed with Autism a few years ago, my son is very particular about talking and opening up to people, but Mr. Adams was able to see through all of that and matched him up with the perfect mentor based on his personality and demeanor. As a result, we have found a friend for life. The impact has been so dramatic that my son’s teachers have even noticed a positive change in him. If it hadn’t been for CARE Consultants, I’m not sure who else we could have turned to.

- K. T.

CARE Client

I have known Mr. Adams for over ten years and this is an individual who has demonstrated true commitment and dedication to assisting others.  His organization, CARE Consultants and the Alliance of Concerned Men are so connected that it is apparent we operate as an extended family of the communities in which we serve. Very rarely do you have two organizations whose mission are slightly different, but their commitment, passion and visions are equally the same. CARE Consultants is an  organization that is designed and constructed to assist the youth of the present and to prepare them for the future.  I have witnessed the successes and miracles of CARE Consultants assisting youth, their families, and the communities in which they live.

- Arthur Rico Rush, Jr.

President, Alliance of Concerned Men