The CARE Approach

Our philosophy is early diagnosis, prevention, intervention education, and treatment. We are driven to help our clients get the foundation, the tools, and the strength to live life to the fullest. CARE Consultants strives to stay current and relevant to the communities and clients we serve by creating a positive path to a healthy and fulfilling life. Our programs are built on a solid foundation through:

  • Morals
  • Principles
  • Self-Identity
  • Responsibility
  • Vision, Goals, Action
  • Family Values
  • Leadership
  • Spiritually Balance

– Returning Citizens Reentry Services

CARE assists returning citizens in transitioning from incarceration back into the community. Reentry begins at sentencing and continues pre-post release, with a focus on the continuity of care from prison to the community. It often involves a variety of agencies and groups that coordinate efforts to ensure that returning citizens receive needed services, opportunities, support and resources.

– MRT – Moral Reconation Therapy

MRT is a systematic treatment strategy that seeks to decrease recidivism among juvenile and adult criminal offenders by increasing moral reasoning.

– Case Management / Referral Services

– Staff Development Training (TEAM BUILDING)

For a group to work better together, members must learn to establish team objectives and effective Communication & listening skills. A team understands trust and commitment, recognizes and appreciates contributions, and utilizes the diversity of its members’ roles and responsibilities. Working together, they excel at problem solving and decision-making.

– Mentoring and Tutoring Services

Through mentoring, youth are exposed to a positive role model and become involved in structured activities and projects. Self-esteem is strengthened, and individuals create new learning experiences. One-on-one and group tutoring improve academic performance, provide Learning opportunities and academic assessments, and help with pre- and post-academic tests.

– Life Skills Training

Reach full potential through a positive approach by creating realistic goals, developing social and coping skills, realizing self-image, exercising self-improvement, and making the right decisions.

– Family Preservation

Parents need to take a view of themselves as individuals and their role as a parent. The right tools will enable families to live effectively in their homes and in their communities

– Parent/Family Mentoring & Coaching

Training essential skills is important for parents in managing households and finances. Good coaching will help incorporate new techniques to better living and provide parents with skills for effective communication and conflict prevention, intervention and resolution within their families.

– Personal Responsibility Training

Create and manage change … Performance coaching for individuals and organizations help overcome barriers and develop life skills that will improve behaviors, anger management and outlook towards community, diversity and being human.

– Conflict Resolution

Learning alternative conflict strategies  Practice techniques for managing negative emotions * Conflict cycle (beliefs-conflict-response-consequences) * Cultural influence and values

– Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Our Outpatient program has been expanded to meet the ever-growing need and demand for comprehensive treatment services. Chemical dependency (drugs or alcohol addiction) is a progressive, chronic, potentially fatal disease. The adverse consequences affect all areas in the life of the chemically dependent person.

– Co-Occurring Outpatient Treatment
– On-site Drug Testing
– DUI-DWI Program

Lawmakers take drunk driving very seriously because of the high fatality rates associated with the action. In 2006, alcohol-impaired persons were involved in 13,470 traffic-related deaths, which accounted for 32% of all the automobile fatalities that year.

– Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

The Driver Improvement Program is a 3-hour instructional program that is intended to provide driver rehabilitation.

– Group and Individual Therapy / Family Counseling

Our counseling programs are designed to promote healthy relationships and improve the overall well-being of our clients. We believe in affordable, quality mental health care and are committed to developing innovative programs for the community.

– Psychiatric / Psychological Evaluation
– Medication Monitoring

– Audio and Video Production

CARE Consultants began development of media to address society ills and anti-social behavior in the community. Our projects include a video documentary and more are in the works including planned audio podcasts. Be a part of our message or share an idea with us by reaching out through our contact page.

What Is CARF Accreditation?

We are proud to be recognized through CARF accreditation. This seal of quality signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. Click here to learn more about CARF.