Family Preservation

CARE Consultants offers programs that build skills on how to raise happy, responsible and cooperative family relationships. During the two to four week Family Preservation & Parenting Training, led by licensed and veteran therapists and counselors, participants will learn critical and important skills that will help build healthy family relationships.

Crisis is an opportunity for change. When a family is undergoing a very stressful situation such as unemployment, health problems such as AIDS, food, death in the family, housing and finances, it is very difficult to lead a normal life. STRESS CAN CAUSE UNUSUAL BEHAVIORS, such as an excessive use of alcohol or physical power that may result in child abuse and neglect.

Empowerment is a process in which family members begin to understand and use their strength to take charge of life and become less dependent on negative influences. This process needs lots of time. The Family Preservation Program places emphasis on strengths instead of deficits. One example is assuring family members that they are doing the best that they can. By doing this, people are more receptive to change. The power for these changes resides in the family. The family knows best what each member needs. This program will empower the family, assure them of their strengths, and help them identify and focus on those strengths.

CARE’s Family Preservation Program can be an alternative to displacement of children and divorce. This point is very important, and CARE providers will explain this objective with the family … Keeping the family together is the goal.

CARE’s Family Preservation Program will help you:

  • Develop effective ways to communicate
  • Understand the differences between praise and encouragement
  • Encouraging cooperation
  • Understand misbehavior and responding effectively
  • Provide parent self-care and support


  • Mentoring and Tutoring Services

    Through mentoring, youth are exposed to a positive role model and become involved in structured activities and projects. Self-esteem is strengthened, and individuals create new learning experiences. One-on-one and group tutoring improve academic performance, provide Learning opportunities and academic assessments, and help with pre- and post-academic tests.

  • Behavioral & Anger Management

    Anger is a natural human emotion, and there are valid reasons to get mad like feeling hurt or experiencing frustration, but uncontrolled anger can be a problem for personal relationships and for your well-being. CARE has tools you can learn to help you keep your anger in check.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Learning alternative conflict strategies and practicing techniques for managing negative emotions is important in understanding the conflict cycle (beliefs-conflict-response-consequences)

  • Life Skills Training

    Reach full potential through a positive approach by creating realistic goals, developing social and coping skills, realizing self-image, exercising self-improvement, and making the right decisions.

  • Personal Responsibility Training

    Create and manage change … Performance coaching for individuals and organizations help overcome barriers and develop life skills that will improve behaviors, anger management and outlook towards community, diversity and being human.

  • Parent/Family Mentoring & Coaching

    Training essential skills is important for parents in managing households and finances. Good coaching will help incorporate new techniques to better living and provide parents with skills for effective communication and conflict prevention, intervention and resolution within their families.

  • Family Preservation Training

    Parents need to take a view of themselves as individuals and their role as a parent. The right tools will enable families to live effectively in their homes and in their communities

  • Group and Individual Therapy / Family Counselling

    Our counseling programs are designed to promote healthy relationships and improve the overall well-being of our clients. We believe in affordable, quality mental health counseling services and are commitment to developing innovative programs for the community.

  • Case Management & Referral Services

    Case Management Services a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes and not limited to securing financial benefits, health and mental health care.

  • Staff Development Training (TEAM BUILDING)

    For a group to work better together, members must learn to establish team objectives and effective Communication & listening skills. A team understands trust and commitment, recognizes and appreciates contributions, and utilizes the diversity of its members’ roles and responsibilities. Working together, they excel at problem solving and decision-making.