Audio / Video Documentary Production

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CARE Consultants began development of audio visual digital media to address society ills and anti-social behavior in the community. Through our production capabilities, CARE Consultants has produced the documentary, “I Apologize: A Closer Look at Kiddie Car Thefts.” The 30-minute film was produced by Reginal Adams, Vanella Jackson-Crawford, Beezhan Meezan and Liane Scott.

“I Apologize” looks at the personal psycho-social and emotional internal issues that contribute to most forms of youth and adult anti-social behavior. In developing the project, CARE looked at current re-search and data about youth and anti-social behavior and built on top of it with experience and actual subjects.

A key contributor to adolescent misbehavior resides in the relationship (or lack of) a child has a significant male parenting figure.  “I Apologize: A Closer Look at Kiddie Car Thefts” illustrates this dilemma which inspired us to convene a group of men and develop future projects.

Watch “I Apologize: A Closer Look at Kiddie Car Thefts” on YouTube here.

What Men Do to Make Women So Angry

A project currently in development documents conversations with men on their experiences and impressions of their feelings about their family and relationships.  The documentary, “What Men Do to Make Women So Angry” features men from different races and backgrounds discussing relationships and experiences. The intent is to examine the intricacies of the human condition in ways that keep us human and aware. Socrates is credited for saying that, “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

Why the Documentary?

A young man once thought that instead of being a loving, committed and honest man or husband, he would go the opposite route. He thought he was a “player”, and for 25 years he chased that lifestyle of association with pimps, nightlife and hustling. It wasn’t until he saw the life he really wanted slipping from reach that he decided something had to be done differently. I had to do things differently.

Fortunately, my future held more promise, revelation and healing than I could have ever imagined. I learned what a man can do to eliminate or reduce the craziness and get in touch with his real caring self. I realized that I couldn’t be the only man who found himself making faulty decisions and blaming others for losing so much. I wanted to share my new beliefs with other men and the women who love them. I wanted them to have the love they wanted — as I have with my perfect wife.

“What Men Do to Make Women So Angry” will document men in guided video conversations about their lives, beliefs, concerns, fears and experiences with and about the women who love them. I believe that things can be more loving and lasting when men own their decisions and when women know who we really are. For that miracle to happen, men must make it happen.

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